What is the unique value you bring to your partners and clients regarding investments and capital raises, placing private capital from ultra rich families, and your events with the Family Office Club?

As one of the top thought leaders in the space, we are making the industry more efficient and help clients navigate a frustrating area: A lot of ultra wealthy families don’t speak to each other. So by interviewing hundreds of family offices on stage every year, in our Family Office Club podcast and in the books we’ve published, we’re proven at making the investment industry more efficient. Doing so with credible counter parties that share our long term views is we’re keeping an eye out for.

Whenever there’s a new opportunity, there are some investors that get in early and take a mega view of an industry, kind of like what we have at the Family Office Club.

I can relate to that perspective and take that view instead of defining themselves as a retail operator in space or defining themselves as one piece of space they’re trying to put together an ecosystem and a strategic platform. We don’t define ourselves as running a Family Office biz, we’re trying to grow the Family Office marketplace and make it easier to close deals with family offices. I can see parallels with Cannapreneur Partners regarding sharing thought leadership, doing things properly for the long term and not just out to sell tickets to a cannabis expo you host twice a year. So making a mark on the industry by helping find, support, and accelerate entrepreneurs with capital and leadership is an approach I relate to, and many family offices relate to that as well. There are many ways to approach an investment space, and some of the smartest people don’t define or limit themselves to one industry.

Why is cannabis an exciting field and industry for investing?

Probably a third of the families I personally know that have become ultra-wealthy had some right-place-at-the-right-time component, where they also had to make 100 correct decisions along the way. With cannabis, we’re in the right place with a niche of technology or consolidation within consumer products or more niche opportunities.

It’s not too often you can see a whole industry growing in front of you. That’s the exciting thing that’s happening now in cannabis regarding the size and speed of growth, and those who own the turn first are going to make it harder for those after them. I think some families recognize that.

Recently blockchain and an opportunity and a buzz. A decade ago mobile apps came out, buzz, space matures, and also-rans and me-too’s and people that don’t make it are crowded in a space but unlike blockchain where most people can’t sue a smart contract if they want to – seems like the most practical use of blockchain – in this space there’s actually large revenue and profits being generated and I just think that people are starting to recognize the opportunities in the space, and there’s been a lot of interest in cannabis within a very short period of time, but I think investors should be aware of long payout trends versus things that are real today and what people want to raise capital for. So some families might have a certain allocation to new hot growth areas – like cannabis – but being aware of which areas or opportunities will see more traction than others is what ultra-high net worth families need to carefully consider when placing private capital in any endeavor.

Why did you choose Cannapreneur Partners as the Family Office Club’s Cannabis Investments Partner?

Just about every event we produce we have someone that wants to sponsor it from the legal cannabis space. We’re familiar with the space and the area of the cannabis people try to make sense of is where can they invest, learning about federal law vs state laws regarding legal markets, and so on. There is just a lot of education needed, and it’s an area that we’re going to have a group on stage at almost any Family Office Club investor event anyway, so it’s much more productive to be aligned with a firm that is in line with our mentality and long term vision of doing business.

As I’ve mentioned in my books and Family Office Club podcasts, having high integrity, and aligning all parts of people on a team with shared values means an entrepreneur is more aligned in their industry and investor can put things in their portfolio to get better valuations in the long run.

Excellence-driven professionals with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs attain sustainable success while guiding investors to thoughtfully place capital in the cannabis space.


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