If you need a concrete example of the mainstreaming of cannabis – and the sheer possibilities for investors looking to find the right cannabis investments in the emerging legal market – it’s safe to say you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than Martha Stewart.

Honestly any photo of these two from the internet is fun.

As the Queen Supreme of empire-creationism at the hands of the food-and-lifestyle loving masses that have created enormous wealth for her, Stewart made news earlier in 2019 when it was announced she would be teaming up with Canadian cannabis monolith, Canopy Growth, to develop CBD consumer products. Canopy touted Stewart’s cultural cache in the consumer goods world (in other words, her ability to generate enormous brand recognition and sell products) as a key factor in the collaboration.

Just this week, Stewart spoke on-stage at the Elevate Conference in Toronto, alongside Canopy Growth’s CEO Mark Zekulin for a live interview. “We’re developing different things for the home, for food and for pets at present. I’m also interested in skin care and other things like that,” she said, later adding she hoped that cannabis would be legalized eventually in the U.S.

“There’s been a tremendous stigma attached to it in terms of crime… And I think that, that will all go away.”

We’re sure it’s tasteful.

And like the smart, motivated investors starting to look at their options for private capital placement in the legal space, Stewart said she ventured into the space because it was an “emerging and exciting market.”

Indeed. Canada’s legal market, especially flourishing in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, saw a 14% rise in national cannabis sales during July 2019, hitting $104.5 million dollars ($78.8 million USD) in sales according to national stats bureau Statistics Canada.

Canopy for its part has had its share of ups and downs in both the market and the press over the last several months, but even ousted founding-CEO Bruce Linton is still bullish on his former company he built up from the ground, given their sheer market capture and portfolio of products and businesses which continue to grow.

Screenshot via CNBC website

Meanwhile here in Massachusetts, Cannabis Benchmarks cited the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) and their Open Data Platform, stating:

In June, licensed adult-use retailers in Massachusetts generated almost $41.5 million in gross revenue. That figure is up by 12.6% compared to May’s adult-use sales of over $36.8 million. Monthly adult-use sales revenues continue to grow at a strong clip, but the rate of increase has been slowing progressively as 2019 wears on. May’s monthly sales were up by 19.5% relative to April’s, which represented an increase of about 26% compared to March’s.

In other words, sales are rising, the market is expanding, and there is opportunity for private capital placement if you know where to look.

Here’s a hint: You’re already looking in the right place.


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