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What are the biggest risks right now for investing in cannabis?
Startup investments are often riskier and lack liquidity as compared to most other investments. The fact that cannabis is federally illegal may increase your risk as well.
I want to invest in the cannabis space but have concerns regarding the possible impact on my career, how can I still get involved?
While we do not and will not administer tax or legal advice, we are happy to talk with anyone interested in learning the best way to get involved.
Does my capital investment need to be liquid?
Each investment requires liquid capital. That money can come from IRA’s, cash, or other investments.
How is cannabis different from the other investment opportunities coming across my radar?
Cannabis presents investors with unique opportunities as this market is still early in its life cycle. Note: Cannabis is currently a Schedule 1 drug and therefore federally illegal. That must be taken into account in each investment.

Excellence driven professionals with a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs attain success and guiding investors to thoughtfully place capital in the cannabis space.