East Coast Revolution

East Coast Cannabis Revolution

Written By Cannapreneur Partners

Cannapreneur Partners is a values-driven cannabis company focused on profits with purpose. We have a core belief that the benefits of recreational and medical cannabis should be available and easily accessible for every adult who desires them. Our sole purpose is to help others access the products they enjoy and deserve while ushering in a new era of leadership in the industry.

We don’t seek to take over the legal cannabis space - we seek to unite it. In our latest development, Cannapreneur Partners is building a vertically integrated ecosystem in Massachusetts that is well on its way to expanding into newly legal states on the east coast. However, none of this would be possible without the expertise and thought leadership of our CEO and visionary leader, Michael Scott.

Michael Scott - Our Founder and Visionary Leader

Michael Scott is the founding investor and former chairman of Nature’s Remedy, a vertically integrated cannabis retail and cultivation operation based in Massachusetts. Back in 2017, Scott made a $500k investment to form the company, which resulted in the development of its cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and dispensary operations.

In September of 2021, Nature’s Remedy and its affiliates were acquired by Jushi Holdings Inc. in a $101.2 Million deal. They received an additional $13.5 million from Trulieve Cannabis, a multistate legal cannabis company, for its licensed recreational dispensary located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Why The East Coast Offers The Best Growth Potential

Currently, our eyes are set on the clear and present cannabis revolution taking place on the East Coast of the country. States like Maryland and Massachusetts have shown that the market is hungry for better and affordable access to high-quality, legal cannabis products. 39 states have already legalized cannabis for medicinal use, and 19 states have legalized it recreationally. This shows the tremendous growth potential ahead for the industry, but that’s just the beginning.
According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 91% of Americans believe that cannabis should be legalized for both medical and/or recreational purposes. It’s not very often you see a survey that shows such a large percentage of the country united under a common value. It’s clear that the rapid and consistent growth of the cannabis industry is not showing any signs of slowing, and we intend to use this momentum to help millions across the coast.

Massachusetts is one of the first states on the East Coast to get a solid footing in the door of the legal cannabis industry. Since November 2018, the state has sold over $3.6 Billion in combined cannabis sales. $1.65 Billion of that figure, combined with both medical and adult-use sales, was from 2021 alone. To put that into perspective, that figure accounts for 45.83% of all sales.

Our Track Record of Success

Cannapreneur Partners will operate at least 3 dispensaries in Massachusetts under the Joint Operations brand. We have also recently acquired valuable cannabis real estate in Massachusetts and have received approvals for extraction, cultivation, and manufacturing facilities.

On the topic of exciting opportunities, we have had the opportunity to connect and partner with a few celebrity investors as well.

Kevin Harrington, an original “Shark” from ABC’s “Shark Tank” is not only an investor in Cannapreneur Partners but also our own Strategic Advisor. We are proud to have him as a member of our team, and we have already seen substantial growth in his department.

NBA star Dewayne Dedmon of the Miami Heat is also an investor in Cannapreneur Partners. We are beyond excited to see investors on such high platforms take an interest in our goal to provide high-quality cannabis products to millions across the coast.

Additionally, Cannapreneur Partners is part of a group that was just awarded an adult-use license in the state of NJ and has one pending in the state of Illinois. Cannaprenuer currently has agreements in place for cultivation in New York pending final approval of regulations. Given our track record of success, we have high hopes for spreading our influence across one of the most populous states in the country.

How You Can Get Involved In the Legal Cannabis Industry

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the legal cannabis industry. You can easily get involved and become a part of the East Coast Cannabis Revolution by speaking with our Head of Investor Relations, Todd Sullivan.

Schedule An Intro Call with Todd today if you are interested in investing in the legal cannabis industry and learning more about the growth potential of the East Coast.