Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the biggest risks right now for investing in cannabis?
    Startup investments are often riskier and lack liquidity as compared to most other investments. The fact that cannabis is federally illegal may increase your risk as well.
  • Does my capital investment need to be liquid?
    Each investment requires liquid capital. That money can come from IRA’s, cash, or other investments.
  • I want to invest in the cannabis space but have concerns regarding the possible impact on my career, how can I still get involved?
    While we do not and will not administer tax or legal advice, we are happy to talk with anyone interested in learning the best way to get involved.
  • How is cannabis different from the other investment opportunities coming across my radar?

    Cannabis presents investors with unique opportunities as this market is still early in its life cycle. Note: Cannabis is currently a Schedule 1 drug and therefore federally illegal. That must be taken into account in each investment.

  • Why should I get in now?

    Average cannabis valuations are growing at a compound annual growth rate of 27%, and with adult use fully legal in 10 states plus medicinal use legal in over 20 states, the market is already taking off. In our opinion the federal legalization is a matter of time and those who make strategic investments before that time stand to make significant profits when legalization occurs. According to a recent 2019 report (“cannabis private investment Review” by mgo & ello) with data provided by pitchbook, venture capital investment in cannabis startups topped $400 million alone in 2017, and by 2018 those investments swelled above $1 billion dollars of capital being invested in the sector.

  • What is the minimum investment?
    $100,000 minimum. Individuals can group together to reach the $100,000 minimum.
  • Are you only focused on Massachusetts/US Based cannabis businesses?

    Absolutely not. While Massachusetts is currently the most advantageous market for investors, We are currently vetting deals and exploring opportunities across all markets, states, and countries.

  • What differentiates Cannapreneur Partners from other firms in the space?

    CP uses a proprietary deep vetting process for both investors (I-VOS) and businesses (B-VOS). These processes yield a proven track record of success in the cannabis space by leveraging CP’s extensive industry experience in media, financial services and cannabis spaces benefiting all CP’s touch points. CP is building a synergistic Eco system of portfolio companies in which they are able to benefit from the products and services each other provide.

  • What kind of a firm is Cannapreneur Partners?

    Cannapreneur partners is an excellence and purpose-driven cannabis holding company. We connect entrepreneurial all-stars from around the world of cannabis to CP’s unique industry-expertise. We provide proprietary vetting processes for both investors and entrepreneurs, financial capital, and complete business strategy by inserting the needed pieces to complete each investment puzzle.

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