Abacus Health Products (OTCQX: ABAHF) is a publicly-traded company engaged in “the development and commercialization of over-the counter (OTC) topical medications which contain organic and natural ingredients, including a cannabinoid-rich hemp extract containing CBD from the Cannabis sativa L plant.”

Which is another way of saying they make a line of dynamite products aimed at both the consumer and the professional and licensed health professional. Here, we will tell you about the two main groups that should stand up at attention and see why their CBD products have been featured in GQ, Glamour, Allure, CNN Money, and has everyone from skincare experts to Olympic chiropractors and UFC fighters with the fastest knockout record all singing their praises.

FOR THE CONSUMER: You are no stranger to both mass and local retail chains. You are also likely familiar with e-commerce. This is good.

Because that familiarity with both will serve you well when finding their CBDMEDIC products, which use natural oils and analgesic ingredients which speed up absorption rate (read: the good stuff gets in you faster and makes you feel better faster).

“But do these products use only THC-free hemp extracts, grown in accordance with US regulations?” you may be asking yourself. The answer is yes. And before you ask how the CBDMEDIC line is segmented into product categories, let us just tell you: There are 10 different products for pain, and 3 for skincare. Each product category is marketed to a different demographic of individuals suffering from various types of pain and skincare conditions.

This one you can find in many places so click here to find for yourself.


CBD CLINIC Professional Series topical medications are “the first and only non-prescription ointments and creams that combine OTC-approved active ingredients and hemp extract.”

What that means is they use natural emollients to help active analgesic compounds penetrate deep to quickly increase blood flow to joints and muscles and interrupt pain signaling. Which is another way of saying this stuff works fast, reliably, and has patients and clients wanting more of it.

They offer a signature line with varying formulations to address incremental levels of pain: Revolutionary Pain Relief line is a 5-level system allows the medical professional to recommend the appropriate formulation to the matching symptoms. Level 1 is for mild pain. Level 2 is for mild-to-moderate pain. Level 5 (the strongest) is for more intense pain.

By blending active ingredients (camphor and menthol) with natural emollients, including CBD hemp extract and jojoba oil, and other natural ingredients for their massage oils,  ointments, and creams, Abacus Health Products and their CBD CLINIC provide pain specialists with an entirely new class of products for safe, temporary relief from minor musculoskeletal pain.

CBD CLINIC products are sold exclusively to registered health practitioners across the country, which you can find here.


First-to-market with line of OTC-registered pain relief and skincare products containing cannabinoid-rich hemp extract

Strategic distribution channels: Established presence in national retail chain (B2C), health-care practitioner market (B2B) and ecommerce platforms

Products manufactured in Aidance Scientific’s (former parent) cGMP FDA-compliant facility, capacity to meet pent-up consumer demand

Strong financial position to establish leading brands in both consumer and clinical markets

Proprietary products cater to $7.4 billion pain relief market and $2.6 billion skincare market

Products currently being distributed in 15,000 health care practitioner offices and 2,500 F/D/M retail accounts including CVS Pharmacy.

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